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SA Challenge Coin

SA Challenge Coin

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Our purpose on creating this coin is to bring our motto of "concealing whats within to overcome your obstacles" and now we have a physical reminder of that. 

With gifting this coin to someone they will be honoured for their journey and acknowledged in their struggle. 

- With COURAGE and VULNERABILITY we will build the strength to CONQUER our obstacles and battles.

- With RESILIENCY & HEART you will PERSEVERE anything.

This coin is to be a reminder YOU CAN battle through anything, To help you face your battles, your struggles or anything you or someone you know is struggling with. 

We want to provide those either struggling in silence or those fighting their battles in the open, No matter your scenario YOU AREN'T ALONE! Whether you are battling Mental health issues, Physical/Sexual Abuse, Drug/Alcohol Addictions, Eating Disorders, Body Dysmorphia, Injuries, Postpartum, Loss of a loved one. 

If you receive a coin we ask that you continue the movement and gift a coin to someone and give them courage to share their story and inspire others, To give then strength or to simply acknowledge them with a token reminder to get battling. 


100% of proceeds from the purchase of this coin will be donated to FREE PLAY FOR KIDS. Which is to provide marginalized kids with the opportunity to play in a safe, accessible, and inclusive environment at no cost to them or their families—because when kids are empowered through play, their families, their schools, and their communities are empowered as well.

- $500 will send 15 kids on an adventure day 
- $1,500 will sponsor an entire team for 6 weeks 
- $5,000 will send 240 kinds on an adventure day. 

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