About Us

Strapt Apparel is an incredibly unique brand because it was created around a mindset that is Strapt and concealed within us. Strapt Apparel is more than just a clothing line – it is a representation of your passions, strengths, your triumphs, your heart or anything that motivates and inspires you to overcome life’s obstacles as you achieve your goals.


To #LiveStrapt means you are always prepared to face adversity and life’s obstacles head on. To #LiveStrapt means you will do whatever it takes to overcome obstacles put in your way as you work hard to continue to succeed. Using the #LiveStrapt movement, we have shared multiple stories of hardworking people overcoming hardships and adversity. We have used this movement to connect many of our followers with the message behind the brand, creating loyal customers who also share the #LiveStrapt movement with their following, friends and family. We have shared stories of people overcoming anorexia, extreme weight loss and other eating disorders. We have also used the movement to share the stories of people struggling but overcoming their own mental health journeys, drug abuse, domestic violence, heartbreak from the loss of a loved one and depression. We believe that this brand is connecting people with similar stories and allowing them to express their strugglers in a proud and positive manner. The #LiveStrapt movement has been an incredible part of our brand growth and we are proud to have so many people representing this brand and the movement behind it.


We promote the idea of #StayStrapt meaning, we are acknowledging our past and using the vulnerability from recognizing the hardships as tools to stay focused on our goals and not allowing the negativity back into our lives. If you #StayStrapt, you are working everyday towards your goals, living intentionally and staying true to yourself.

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