About Us

STRAPT Apparel... When we think of being "STRAPT" our vision is that you are loaded with a concealed weapon that nobody knows you have but you...Your Heart and Passion. Which then lead us to the term "STRAPT" which can mean anything from a physical attribute to a mental state.

This can all attain to anyone! Male, Female, Elite Athlete, Pro Athlete, Amateur Athlete, School Teacher, Stay at home parent! No matter who or what you are, each and everyone one of us carries a concealed weapon to which we use for our advantage when the time is needed. Headed to a business meeting, prepping for a difficult physical challenge, taking the kids to get groceries or just going to walk the dog.... You should always be STRAPT and ready for anything.

Being STRAPT with Passion, Heart, Strength, whatever it is that you conceal as your reason to chase your dreams and attain your goals… Thats what being STRAPT is all about.

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